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Dual Control Car Hire

Dual Control Car hire

About Us

Welcome to Dual Control Car Hire

We specialise in providing late-model vehicles tailored for driving schools and instructors.


At Dual Control Car Hire, we understand the unique needs of driver education. Our mission is to support instructors in delivering high-quality vehicles.

Skill in Every Mile

Drive Safe, Drive Smart

Drive with confidence

Our Cars

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Our fleet consists of meticulously maintained dual-control vehicles, equipped with the latest safety features to ensure a secure and comfortable learning environment for both students and instructors. With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, Dual Control Car Hire is dedicated to helping driving schools elevate their training experience.

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What Our Clients Say


"For my driving school, Dual Control Car Hire was the best option. The dual-control vehicles are outstanding for nervous students. I felt more at ease and the learning environment had become safer and less risky with the additional set of controls. Advanced safety systems in cars make driving a stress-free and enjoyable experience in general. I strongly suggest Dual Control Car Hire to anyone looking to boost their confidence when teaching."
Michael R.
Driving School Owner
"I am so grateful to Dual Control Car Hire for providing me with wonderful service. I felt secure in the car while trying to teach students to drive because of the dual control feature. The cars include the newest safety measures in addition to being simple to use. The vehicles in their fleet are all well-maintained, always clean inside and out and never fail to disappoint my needs. I encourage anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional vehicle rental business to use Dual Control Car Hire."
Emily F.
"I had an excellent experience with Dual Control Car Hire! For inexperienced drivers, dual-control vehicles are an amazing way to provide an extra measure of safety throughout teaching. The variety of vehicles available at Dual Control Car Hire is excellent due to the ability of being able to select a vehicle that suits your instructor's wants. For example, a car that is Small, Medium or Large. My requirements have been exceeded by Dual Control Car Hire, and because of their excellent customer service, I can now teach my students with confidence and skills."
David N.